If you’re a home buyer thinking you should pull back because the holidays are coming, don’t. The holidays are a great time to buy a home, for more reasons than you might think.

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The holidays are coming, but if you’re a home buyer, you shouldn’t pull back on securing that new home. Why? Because the holidays are a great time to buy a house. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. There is less market activity. This is because people are typically busier at the end of the year with other things like school, work, etc. Your preferred house, naturally, is going to have less competition. This will also give you as a buyer a lot more leverage to do your thing without having to finagle your way through a multiple offer situation.

“A holiday buyer has more leverage and less competition to deal with.”

2. Sellers are motivated. Perhaps they’ve had their house listed since the summer and are dying to move out of it. Perhaps they have a job transfer coming up and the clock is ticking. In any case, their incentive to sell is through the roof.

3. Potential tax advantages. You’re going to get to write off any points, any real estate taxes, and any mortgage interest that you have before the end of the year. If you itemize your deductions, that’s something else to consider.

4. Better interest rates. Historically, interest rates are much better during the slower winter months because there is more competition among lenders to offer incentives for you to buy a home before the end of the year.

5. Faster closings. Just like you, the sellers want to be in their new house before the holidays. Not only that, but lenders want to close out their books and real estate agents want to get paid before year’s end. Plus, there are less closings in general during this time, so I estimate that you would be able to be in your house in 30 days versus a typical 45-day closing.

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