Although it can be tempting to get turned off by bad home decor, I urge you to see past it. Here are four reasons why.

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When browsing homes online, you should look at photos with a careful eye. Just because there is some ugly decor in a home’s pictures shouldn’t make it a dealbreaker. Today I’ve got four reasons why you should overlook home decor in online photos for your benefit.

1. Bones are more important. You might not love the grandma-type house with lots of plaid and ornate furniture, but guess what? Grandma is the one who puts the new furnace and new AC in. These homes have great bones, they just might look a little unappealing from the outside. You should be able to see past that.

2. HGTV is overrated. That’s Hollywood, folks. It’s not how buyers buy houses. You don’t have to have the granite countertops and the latest furniture because those people on the show that have it are probably up to their eyeballs in debt.

3. Square footage means more than home decor. When an appraiser comes to your home, the value they give you is mostly based on your square footage. They don’t care about designer window treatments, artwork, colors, or anything else. It’s all about the square footage.

4. Home decor doesn’t come with the house. This is the most important one to remember. When you buy a home and have that final walkthrough, you will get to see a house with four walls and empty floors. That’s when you can truly get an idea of how to make the space your own.

“The decor doesn’t come with the home.”

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